Run your journals with ease

A complete journal submission system and production service for journal publishers.
Supporting the end-to-end editorial, production, and billing processes associated with running a scholarly journal, JAMS is a suite of tools designed to help any journal. Its modularity and flexibility give you the ideal solution for your journal.

Fledgling journals and established publishers and everything in-between can use these tools to simplify the publishing pipeline.

How JAMS helps your journal

Our mission is to empower open access players with the technology they need to efficiently run their journals.

With our easy-to-use system, JAMS allows you to navigate the peer review process, communication with authors, and production effortlessly.

This journal management system puts powerful editorial tools, from English editing services to layout and conversion, at your team’s fingertips.

Prepare to be successful

Not ready to sign up just yet? Learn more about the system and the ins and outs of publishing a journal.

Our blog can provide valuable insight and answer some of the biggest questions you might have. When you’re ready to try the system out, talk to our team and learn about how JAMS can make your life easier.