A complete journal submission system and production service for publishers

Efficient, Scalable, Intuitive, Customizable, Cost Effective

One location to manage your journals

Customize your system
Access to journal and user management functions.
Oversee submissions
Support editors and track the progress of papers.
Manage papers
Troubleshoot problems with powerful super-user functions.
Data export
Download key information about journals and editors.
Manage peer-review
Facilitate the peer-review of each manuscript according to your editorial process.
Keep papers moving
Simple interfaces make it clear where action is needed.
Maintain an overview
Quick and clear overview of the status of all submitted papers and access to archives of published or rejected papers.
Simple submission form
Submit your paper within minutes using our simple interface.
Track your paper
Log in at any time to see the status of your manuscript.
Revise and resubmit
See review report comments and upload directly to JAMS.

JAMS handles the complete editorial process

Additional Production Service Offered upon Request

To support your journal, some or all of the production steps can be handled by JAMS staff. Papers can be prepared for
publication within 7 days (excluding author proofreading) and we offer a 7 day per week service.

Copy Editing
Extensive layout editing or formatting.
Author Proofreading
We communicate with the authors to complete proofreading.
PDF Production
Producing a formatted PDF meeting publication standards.
Get the opinion of another editor on the paper before final publication.
XML Conversion
Production from Microsoft Word or LaTeX. Fully PubMed compliant XML and figure editing.
Data Indexing and Deposit
Deliver formatted files and metadata to indexing services.
Language Editing
Professional language editing by native English speakers.
XML Quality Control
We achieve 99.9% accuracy of XML files and 99% accuracy for PDF files.
File types
Publish your papers in XML, HTML, PDF and EPUB formats.

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